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This site is not so much about me (Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen), as it is a place from which you can download some of the programs I've written; notice that all programs have been written for Acorn RISC OS - some of them (writeflash and MicroC) have been written in strict ANSI and should be portable to many other platforms, if you just modify the makefile and reorganise the source a bit.
You may also want to take a look at my Psion/EPOC page or my pictures page .  

HBP10GM MIDI Synthesizer

0.21 (255679 bytes)
The HBP10GM MIDI synthesizer is a module for playing MIDI data from a sequencer (eg. MidiWorks) or MIDI-file player (eg. Monolith). To use the synthesizer with either of these (or with MelIDI), you'll need MIDI L4 and MIDISupport, but the synthesizer can also be used on its own - a program is included which will play MIDI-files without requiring MIDI L4 and MIDISupport.

Notice that the synthesizer is still pretty much a beta-version, so not much documentation is included. Also, only a few samples are included - you'll need to find samples elsewhere.

It includes a module (with source) which implements large parts of the MIDI module functionality. This allows applications like MidiWorks to play through the synthesizer without requiring MIDI L4 or MIDISupport!

Somascope - some information about MIDI on Acorns


From version 0.25, Alex Waugh took over the development of WebJames.
WebJames is a FreeWare HTTP-server for RISC OS. It includes features such as: redirection, cache, cgi-script interface, password-protection and much more.

WebJames appears to be one of the fastest HTTP-server available for RISC OS. I have tested it against DeltaNet and the freeware version of NetPlex, and for small files, WebJames is about 4 to 10 times as fast as the competitors. For large files, the speed depends more on the network than on the speed of the software.
Testing was done from a 330MHz Pentium II running Linux (RedHat 6.2), over a 10Mbit network, using the program ab to fetch a 500 bytes HTML file 100 times.

Full source is included.

Apache.org - home of the most popular HTTP-server of all

VNC client and server

VNC client library
0.03 (88244 bytes)
VNC server
0.06 (58056 bytes)
This is an experimental VNC client library - much nicer written than the VNC client that was previously available from here.
The VNC server is a usable, but slow server which serves the desktop - use it to remote control your RiscPC.
www.uk.research.att.com - the official VNC homepage
Vincent Lefreves VNC client !ViNCe

Macromedia Flash

Flash file generator
0.22 (175946 bytes)
Additional flash fonts
(181538 bytes)
(75662 bytes) (if you want to recompile writeflash)
I started working on a player for Macromedia Flash about 3 years ago, when the documentation for Flash 3 was released. I didn't get very far, though... So I was glad when Oliver Debon released a player under GPL, and even more thrilled when Leo Smiers ported it to RISC OS.

I did a bit of work on the player, optimised some of the graphics routines by rewriting them in assembler and added sound support - these changes are now part of the distribution on Leo Smiers homepage.

writeflash is a Flash-file generator - it takes a script-file describing the Flash-file, and outputs a Flash 3 file, which may be played using the Flash-player, or it may be put on your homepage etc.
writeflash supports almost the entire Flash 3 format, and comes with full source and a number of examples. It also includes a utility to convert Drawfiles to writeflash-scripts.

FlaskKit - loads of resources and movies
MacroMedia - not really very interesting
OpenSWF.Org - my kind of site

Browser plugins

(174191 bytes)
A collection of plugins (Drawfile, VRML, FLI, MPEG, MIDI) - some of them more useful than others.
The VRML plugin requires the Gemini engine and a few other bits that are part of TopModel...
The FLI plugin is a bit outdated, as FLI isn't much used these days...
The MPEG plugin only plays Elementary Streams, MPEG-1 without sound...
The MIDI plugin plays using the internal voices - it doesn't always sound pretty, but it better than nothing...
Source is included.

MicroC - C-interpreter

(25417 bytes)
MicroC is an interpreter for a small subset of C.
It is based on Herbert Schildt' mediocre C-interpreter LittleC, but I've improved it a bit, fixed a few bugs (or 20) and added a few new features.
Source is included.

Video encoder/decoder

Video codec
(157745 bytes)
This is a GPL video encoder/decoder, written in C, with full source. It uses 4-point DCT and motion-compensation to compress 15bpp YUV data to typically 1.5 - 2.0 bits/pixel.

Still very experimental.



MPEGWorks 1.08
MakeMPEG 1.04 (102963 bytes)
MPEG-Works is a MPEG decoder and encoder for RISC OS.

The decoder is an optimised port of the Berkeley decoder; the encoder is based on the MPEG Software Simulation Group encoder. Both were ported by me and Søren Lange.
Better and faster decoders/players (such as KinoAMP (a beta of v0.18 is available here )) are available these days, but in the good old days back in '96, this was the fastest one available...

MPEG.org - great site with loads of information about MPEG

Bits and pieces

ProSound docs
(25443 bytes)
CineWorks FreeWare version
(726495 bytes)
ProSound FreeWare version
(367969 bytes)
StudioSound 1.02 FreeWare version
(346290 bytes)
The FreeWare versions of CineWorks/ProSound/StudioSound are completely unsupported... if they don't work, it's just too bad.

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