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ASM docs
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ASM, MC OPX, WGFX OPX and ARM assembler syntax

Documentation for ASM, the MC OPX and the WGFX OPX - all in Word format - and a Data file describing the ARM assembler syntax.
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ASM assembler
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ASM source
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MC+WGFX OPX source
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MC/WGFX/ASM example
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ASM Assembler

ASM is an assembler for ARM based EPOC devices. It can save in the format used by the MC OPX.
The MC OPX allows assembled code to be loaded and executed from OPL; you cannot call the OS from assembled code, but it can be used to greatly speed up dataprocessing in OPL.
The WGFX OPX allows the pixels in a bitmap to be accessed directly from OPL or from assembled code.

To install the OPXs, simply copy the OPX and OXH files to the OPX and OPL directories in your System folder.

All of this has been developed under Linux - there is no guarentee that it'll compile under Windows.
EPOC World - EPOC/Symbian developers site
Portal-PDA - pictures of the inside of an Psion 5mx

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